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Is a six week programme is based on Shela Grangers Virtual Gastric Band which had an amazing 95% success rate in clinical trials. Designed to bring about permanent changes in a clients eating habits and focus on who the client wants to be. The Virtual Gastric Band Programme is not a diet, it enables clients to form new habits which they can maintain without any deprivation. The Virtual Gastric Band is fitted, which allows the client to be able to listen to what their tummy is telling them, eat consciously and have new healthier habits. The Virtual Gastric Band Programme is able to be personalised to suit your needs, including a Clearance session to help understand past emotions that may be causing weight problems.

The Virtual Gastric Band Plus

The Virtual Gastric Band Plus is a nine week programme that begins with our FREEDOM from WITHIN package. (see below) This programme is suited to people who are emotional eaters and have have past negative experiences that have contributed to Weight Gain. If Anxiety or Depression is present with the Weight Gain, this is the perfect programme for you.

Using a proven system that has been transforming clients lives for 10yrs.

Are you feeling HOPELESS, HELPLESS and STUCK?

Have you ever experienced times when something made you extremely angry, when maybe it shouldn’t have? Or watched a movie and found yourself crying in the parts that aren’t even sad?

Every time we have experienced strong emotions such as ANGER, SADNESS, GUILT etc. our powerful mind keeps record of these events, almost like a snapshot. When we are in situations that resemble those times, our mind gives us these feelings/emotions as a reminder to keep us safe and not repeat what we have done in the past (Triggers). This was a very valuable system in the cave men times when every scary event would have meant life or death, but these days, even the small events can create triggers which can effect us greatly over a lifetime. That one comment from a teacher “you will never amount to anything” said 20 years ago, can give us feelings that may stop us applying for a job or approaching a person that may be a perfect match for us.

The RESET Programme, uses hypnotherapy to find when these emotions first started and then releases them giving you freedom to make the right choices in your life, based on NOW, not past experiences. You still experience emotions but they are relative to what you are experiencing now with no hidden triggers! This amazing program helps with Depression, Anxiety, Relationship problems, Self esteem, health issues and so many more.
Do you have :

Emotional issues
Confidence/self esteem
Weight Management
OldPain2go (Pain elimination)
Past Life Regression

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is the best choice for you!

Clinical Hypnotherapy 85 to 95% of our day is run on subconscious programs.

Most of the day to day programs are created under the age of 6 when our minds are in state of learning. (Alpha to Theta brain waves) Using the power of hypnosis, we use relaxation techniques to assist the client into these alpha and theta waves to create new new positive programs to help you take back control and create the life you choose. In the clinic we see a wide range of things from :

Your investment is $250 for the first session, then $165 for further sessions.
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